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5 Efficient Kitchen Storage Solutions for Every Home

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Kitchen Storage Solutions

The first impression a kitchen always makes is how well organized it is. Kitchens come in various sizes and for smaller kitchens, storage can be quite an issue. Many homeowners struggle to fit in everything into their kitchens including appliances, food items, cutlery, cooking utensils, dishware, cups – and the list can go on. Customizing your kitchen to suit your storage needs can greatly enhance its function and make it look clutter free. This will surely enhance your cooking experience and make the kitchen area more enjoyable.

Read on to know how you can better store kitchen items and elevate its functionality and appearance.

5 Kitchen Storage Solutions for a Sorted, Tidy Kitchen

Spice Compartment

Keeping spices in a cupboard can be inefficient and difficult to reach out to everytime you cook. As spices are used frequently, it would help build custom kitchen cabinets in Toronto which is within reach. In order to enhance its utility, you can get it to rotate to easily reach out to different spices you might need. This will save on space and look elegant as well. It will also prevent spilling of spices onto the counter if they’re neatly tucked away. The bottles won’t pile on top of the other and will not fall out unexpectedly. Just rotate the spinner to access different food items for as and when needed. 

Under-Sink Drawer

Most kitchens come equipped with a cupboard under the sink but you could opt in for a drawer instead. This will help pull out paper towels, dish soaps and other accessories without getting obstructed by the sink pipes. The drawer can further have compartments to help store gloves, detergent, towels etc. in a more organized fashion. This will save time and effort making you an efficiency-pro in the kitchen.

Storage Inside Doors

Cabinet doors can be put to use to provide an improved storage option inside the kitchen. Build custom storage compartments behind cabinet doors to hold slim items around the kitchen. You can store chopping boards, kitchen towels, lids, to help you with storage. This keeps them from cluttering the kitchen space, leaving you with more room to work.

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Hidden Drawers

Add hidden drawers and faux cupboards in the sink trim. You can hide away cleaning sponges, gloves and any other cleaning material you wouldn’t want to keep out in the open. This will keep your kitchen looking tidy and will also help reach out to these items easily when needed. This is a great way to use unused spaces even if they’re tiny as even the tiniest bit of storage enhancement can greatly improve your productivity in the kitchen!

Vertical Dividers

Vertical dividers can help declutter different utensils easily. Rather than stacking them up one on top of the other, get vertical dividers built into the cabinets. This gives customized space for different utensils and you can partition them easily based on their use. Baking dishes, cooking utensils, serving utensils can go into their individual compartments and help you maneuver through different products easily.

Try out these kitchen storage ideas to help you declutter the kitchen and enhance its style, appeal and overall functionality. Cooking and working will no longer feel like a chore.

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