5 must-have kitchen cabinet features

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There’s something very satisfying about getting new kitchen cabinets with handy storage spaces. Great kitchen cabinet storage ideas do more than just hide away the clutter – they make your kitchen smarter.

In this article we are looking at 5 special kitchen cabinet features that you need to have in your dream kitchen in 2020.

Pull-out convenience

Custom pull-outs are basically drawers with a purpose. There are options for spice pull-outs, garbage bin pull-outs and even appliance pull-outs. Pull-outs incorporate special storage that makes access and cleaning easier. For instance, a spice pull-out has extra height between the selves which makes it easier to take out taller bottles of spices and see what’s in the lower shelves. A recycling unit pull-out is neatly hidden away and can even be used to segregate aluminum, glass and cardboard.

cozyhome cool kitchen cabinet ideasCorner storage

Simply filling corners with shelves makes for an awkward experience. Sure, split-hinged doors offer sufficient access, but the space can be utilized so much better with a dedicated solution. The ‘lazy susan’ style of cabinets improves the layout while making access that much easier. The same goes for ‘blind corner cabinets’, which are used as an alternative to lazy susan cabinets. What’s better, they can even be equipped with pull-out shelves. Finally, corner drawers are another option for making corners that much more usable.

How to go about getting new cabinets


Coffee station

If someone doesn’t like a hot cup of joe we don’t know them. And the coffee machine is an unsightly but necessary appliance in most Canadian homes. Dedicate space for the coffee setup with new kitchen cabinets. Shelves can have indentations to store mugs and jars; a spill-resistant floor; and even a custom cabinet door, such as a chalkboard finish. In fact, the ‘coffee station’ concept can be adapted for any beverage.

Warming drawer

Warming drawers do what the name says – they keep food warm, like a professional kitchen! Warming drawers are a simple answer to a common household problem…how do you keep food warm? The appliance is compact and requires no more space than a typical drawer.

Cabinets for the smart home

Getting new cabinets in 2020 means making sure they are ready for your smart home devices. There is really no need to splatter gravy on your new smart assistant display! Cabinets can incorporate cut-outs and mounting surfaces for Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Apple Siri speakers and displays (with hidden electrical ports. They can even be equipped with integrated wireless charging pads to charge devices while you cook.

Maintaining your kitchen cabinets

Smart lighting

Kitchen cabinets also come with recesses and fittings for hidden lighting fixtures. Under-cabinet lighting is a cool kitchen idea that homeowners love. Some even opt for smart lighting, such as the kind that is controlled by motion sensors or is hooked up to ‘smart home’ assistants to control by voice.

Speak to CozyHome DIY about changing your kitchen cabinets in Toronto. We take pride in helping homeowners’ dreams of a ‘wow’ kitchen come true – affordably. Get in touch to find even more exciting kitchen cabinet storage ideas.

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