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8 Kitchen Trends You Should Try In 2022

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8 Kitchen Trends You Should Try In 2022

Whether you live in a modest apartment, rental accommodation or your own house, you’ve probably considered renovating your kitchen. It’s where you cook all of your meals, host friends and family, and maybe even set up a temporary workspace when working from home these days. But, before you start planning your kitchen remodel for 2022, think about the best kitchen cabinets ideas that are now popular. Cozy Home has compiled a list of the top kitchen trends that are going to become popular in 2022:

Vintage Furniture

An antique farm table or island is an excellent option to add to your kitchen without undergoing extensive renovations. Vintage items can also function in kitchens when there isn’t enough room for a full-size island because of their distinctive proportions. Another advantage of vintage furniture is that it provides an unexpected element of aesthetic appeal and serves as a conversation starter. In contrast to a standard built-in island, it will appear less ‘heavy’ while providing more prep space.

Marble Pattern Quartz

From more extensive countertops and wall-mounted vanities to accent walls, as well as outdoors, we’ll see more and more of this lovely stone pattern around houses this year.

Customizable Appliances

Homeowners are now willing to pay for the big-ticket appliances they’ve wanted for years. Still, in 2022, customization and flexible design options will be essential for selecting these appliances. As a result, these customizable kitchen cabinet options will grow in popularity, from coloured devices to bespoke panelling that allows you to effortlessly merge your machines into your cabinets, such as Sub-Zero Designer Series Refrigeration.

Living Room Extensions

Rather than seeming like a separate area or room, the kitchen will feel like an extension of the living room. It will fit in with the home and extend your personality if you embrace the curves inside a round table, curved corners of cabinets, or round lights.

1950s Style

Many individuals opted for the bright, stimulating, and thrilling colours popular in the 1950s when mass manufacturing and customization made bespoke interiors were more available to the general population. People were proud of their uniqueness because they had the resources to do so. This trend is sure to make a comeback in 2022.

Bold Colors

Using bold colours in kitchen cabinets will give your kitchens a combination of technology and vibrant colours giving you the best of both worlds.

Seamless Backsplashes And Countertops

Over the following year, we’ll see more of the kitchen countertop and backsplash unity. The eye needs somewhere to rest, and not every surface needs to be exciting or compete for attention by having a distinct gloss or colour. The same countertop material for the kitchen backsplash offers a unified and clean aesthetic with tremendous impact potential! It may be used to bring a touch of modern refinement to any kitchen decor.

Unique Tiles

Expect textured and dimensional backsplashes that are eye-catching. In addition, people now desire more distinctive tiles that represent themselves and change from the standard subway tiles.

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