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8 Kitchen Trends You Should Try In 2022

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8 Kitchen Trends You Should Try In 2022

Whether you live in a modest apartment, rental accommodation or your own house, you’ve probably considered renovating your kitchen. It’s where you cook all of your meals, host friends and family, and maybe even set up a temporary workspace when working from home these days. But, before you start planning your kitchen remodel for 2022, think about the best kitchen cabinets ideas that are now popular. Cozy Home has compiled a list of the top kitchen trends that are going to become popular in 2022:

Vintage Furniture

An antique farm table or island is an excellent option to add to your kitchen without undergoing extensive renovations. Vintage items can also function in kitchens when there isn’t enough room for a full-size island because of their distinctive proportions. Another advantage of vintage furniture is that it provides an unexpected element of aesthetic appeal and serves as a conversation starter. In contrast to a standard built-in island, it will appear less ‘heavy’ while providing more prep space.

Marble Pattern Quartz

From more extensive countertops and wall-mounted vanities to accent walls, as well as outdoors, we’ll see more and more of this lovely stone pattern around houses this year.

Customizable Appliances

Homeowners are now willing to pay for the big-ticket appliances they’ve wanted for years. Still, in 2022, customization and flexible design options will be essential for selecting these appliances. As a result, these customizable kitchen cabinet options will grow in popularity, from coloured devices to bespoke panelling that allows you to effortlessly merge your machines into your cabinets, such as Sub-Zero Designer Series Refrigeration.

Living Room Extensions

Rather than seeming like a separate area or room, the kitchen will feel like an extension of the living room. It will fit in with the home and extend your personality if you embrace the curves inside a round table, curved corners of cabinets, or round lights.

1950s Style

Many individuals opted for the bright, stimulating, and thrilling colours popular in the 1950s when mass manufacturing and customization made bespoke interiors were more available to the general population. People were proud of their uniqueness because they had the resources to do so. This trend is sure to make a comeback in 2022.

Bold Colors

Using bold colours in kitchen cabinets will give your kitchens a combination of technology and vibrant colours giving you the best of both worlds.

Seamless Backsplashes And Countertops

Over the following year, we’ll see more of the kitchen countertop and backsplash unity. The eye needs somewhere to rest, and not every surface needs to be exciting or compete for attention by having a distinct gloss or colour. The same countertop material for the kitchen backsplash offers a unified and clean aesthetic with tremendous impact potential! It may be used to bring a touch of modern refinement to any kitchen decor.

Unique Tiles

Expect textured and dimensional backsplashes that are eye-catching. In addition, people now desire more distinctive tiles that represent themselves and change from the standard subway tiles.

Update Your Kitchen With Cozy Home

Your kitchen may be the focal point of your house, bringing family and friends together in a fashionable central core. Contact us at 289-232-7252 if you wish to freshen up your kitchen look! Schedule a free interior design consultation at Cozy Home to get started right away.

Guide To Buying Vanities: Everything You Need To Know

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The conventional house bathroom is built to be more cost-effective than pleasant, and a homeowner’s personal touches are frequently limited due to a miscalculation of the space available. In the design of a bathroom floor plan, the vanity products take up a lot of space; after all, the sink represents at least a third of the bathroom’s function. However, there are alternatives. It doesn’t have to take up a third of the floor area just because it’s a third of the room’s functioning. To get the most value out of the entire area, keep a few criteria in mind while choosing or updating the bathroom vanity.

Start with the size before looking for a new vanity. Everything must come together in a way that is comfortable to use. Consider the answers to these questions as you consider your bathroom area.

Is Your Bathroom Small, Large, or Open?

The answer is to look at the visual appearance of the space rather than simply the actual measurements of the room (though you should have those figures on hand as well).

  • What does it appear to be the size of?
  • Is there a clear form to the space?
  • Is there a particular spot where the present vanity products, shower, bath, or toilet alcove draws greater attention?

The visual weight of every feature in the room is determined by what draws the attention first and if it appears to take up the same amount of space as the tape measured measurements suggest. If anything, such as a vanity, is mismatched to the space, it will appear to occupy a bigger amount of the bathroom floor area than it does. Because this affects the sense of the room’s form and scale, it’s a good idea to choose a vanity that complements the existing lines.

What is the Location of the Plumbing?

Because the vanity products connect the sink and faucet to the house water lines, any new vanity should have enough space to accommodate the supply pipes and hoses without pinching or interrupting normal functioning. It should also be possible to get to the supply valve without being hindered.

The vanity must fit in the space around and surrounding the pipes unless you plan to reroute the plumbing. Working with the existing layout is significantly cheaper and saves on the expense of having a contractor reroute the water lines, which is a crucial aspect for both the aesthetic of the final space and the budget while constructing it. Finding vanity products that work with your present plumbing arrangement also cuts down on the amount of time it takes to finish your bathroom renovation. 

How Much Space Do You Have?

Examine the available area around the existing plumbing, as well as the room’s other permanent elements. The vanity should not be located in a way that disrupts foot movement into and out of the room, limits access to the toilet alcove, bathtub, or shower stall, or makes the space difficult to use in any other way. Walls or other bathroom elements, including the plumbing, should not impede cabinet doors or drawers. When choosing the sort of vanity to purchase, all of these issues should be considered.

Features of Vanity

The contemporary vanity is so much more than just a sink storage area. Look for vanity cabinets with various extra options and features that will make your everyday routines a little simpler.

  • Electric outlets
  • Organizers
  • Shallow drawers
  • Customizable technology

Make The Final Decision With Cozy Homes

There’s no right or wrong here, to be honest. The selection is based on various criteria, including cost, bathroom size, the convenience of installation, vanity products, kitchen design toronto and so on. In the end, it’s preferable to think about all of them before making a decision. If you have any issues regarding your bathroom, a professional designer like Cozy Homes is there to help you. Contact Cozy Homes at 289-232-7252 to book a free design consultation. 

Ways To Keep Your White Kitchen Cabinets Spotless

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Ways To Keep Your White Kitchen Cabinets Spotless

White kitchen cabinets in Toronto have long been fashionable, as white colours and tones are a popular option. But what is it about white that makes it so appealing? White cabinetry is known for its elegance and sophistication. It has a classic charm that is stylish and adaptable to a wide range of kitchen sizes, layouts, and designs.

The bright, clear appearance of white kitchen cabinets can make a home feel more expensive and convey a sense of peace, and it makes our hearts aflutter. White kitchen cabinets have a reputation for being difficult to maintain and keep clean.

It isn’t always the case, though, at least not with the following seven suggestions. Don’t allow a little grease and grime to get in the way of your dream white cabinetry, worktops, sinks, and appliances. Continue reading to learn how to maintain your white kitchen looking its best.

Avoid Direct Sunlight On Cabinetry And Work Surfaces

White cabinets and laminated surfaces can become yellow when exposed to direct sunshine. To avoid this, use curtains, shades, or tinted windows to shield your cabinetry and worktops from direct sunlight.

Turn On The Exhaust Fan All Of The Time

Cooking grease particles are the most common source of discoloration in kitchens over time. Switch on the exhaust fan or range hood as soon as you start cooking to prevent grease from gathering on your cabinets and counters.

Use Vinegar And Baking Soda To Clean Cupboards

Make a cleaning solution with one cup of vinegar, one tablespoon of baking soda, and two cups of warm water to keep your white cupboards looking bright and fresh. Wipe out your cupboards with a rag dipped in this solution, wring out the excess liquid. At least once a month, do this.

Bleach-Soaked Sinks

White sinks can get filthy quickly, and the easiest method to keep them looking new is to use household bleach. Line the bottom of your sink with paper towels, then soak them with bleach to keep it from flowing straight down the drain. Remove the bleach-soaked clothes and rinse the sink with warm water after about half an hour. If you don’t want to use bleach to remove sink stains, fill your sink halfway with club soda and lemon juice, let the solution soak, and then rinse with warm water.

Remove Tile Grout With A Brush

Any debris that develops on the grout will appear more noticeable if your kitchen has a white tile backsplash, so be sure to clean it regularly. To clean the grout, make a paste with baking soda and water. Spritz a coat of vinegar onto the paste with a spray bottle, then clean the grout with a toothbrush and rinse off the mixture.

Prevent Stains On Natural Stone Surfaces

Natural stone surfaces, such as marble or granite, are porous, which means they absorb liquid considerably faster than stone composite or laminate surfaces, so wipe any spills right away to avoid them seeping into your counters. If a stain does appear, a solution of hydrogen peroxide and a smidgeon of ammonia can be used to remove it.

Remove Stains On Laminates

To remove stains from white laminate counters, make a solution of household cleaning detergent and baking soda (one part detergent to three parts baking soda typically works) and apply it directly to the stains, then scrub with a nylon brush. Because laminates are vulnerable to excessive moisture, wipe the countertop with a damp cloth and dry it rapidly.

Coordinate Your Kitchen With Off White Cabinets

White cabinets add a sophisticated level to any new or rebuilt kitchen project by being bright and hopeful. White allows dashes of imagination to take center stage in the kitchen.

White cabinets have the advantage of generating a more open and expansive sense in even the tiniest of rooms. No of your style or trend choices, don’t overlook the streamlined and classic design. When coupled with the perfect countertop, backsplash, and flooring, white cabinetry can be a unified, polished anchor in small to large kitchen spaces. In addition, mirrored or glass-front cabinetry adds depth and reflection.

Of course, when it comes to a white kitchen, there are a few drawbacks to consider. A white-washed kitchen, for example, may appear cold, harsh, or plain unwelcoming—an ideal reason to hire a professional kitchen designer!

Contact Cozy Home For A Professional Makeover

Our kitchen design professionals at Cozy Home will help you through every stage of the process. Call today for a free consultation and custom kitchens design in toronto quote at 289-232-7252!

How To Choose A Style For Your Bathroom Vanity

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Selecting a vanity is a crucial decision for the bathroom remodeling process, whether you are restoring an existing bathroom or building a new bathroom from the ground up. A vanity, like a tub or a shower, is one of the most expensive purchases you’ll make. Here are some pointers to help you pick the best bathroom vanity for your space, style, and demands.

How To Measure Your Bathroom Vanity?

When purchasing a bathroom vanity, size is the most crucial consideration for your bathroom remodeling. The optimal size of vanity for your bathroom will be determined by your floor design and total space. The measurements of width, depth, and height must be considered while making your decision, and are determined first and foremost by the size of your bathroom. If you have a small bathroom and have space for a single vanity, you can rule out all double vanities that are wider.

Allow enough space for depth so that projecting corners do not obstruct foot traffic or movement through the bathroom. When choosing the height of the vanity, consider existing elements such as mirrors, lighting, medicine cabinets, faucet height, and the height requirements of the home’s residents.

Picking A Vanity Style For Your Bathroom Remodelling

You can narrow down the kind of vanity to meet your home’s décor and personal taste once you’ve chosen the size range you can accommodate into your bathroom space. Cozy Home is here with some of the most popular styles.

Free-Standing Bathroom Vanities

The free-standing vanities, like a cupboard, stand-alone from the wall. It offers many benefits like storage and the ability to conceal the plumbing. It is always a very robust piece of cabinetry made of materials that can resist years of wear and tear, and it always has the sink incorporated into the surface. It could be a low-cost alternative or a high-end designer installation.

Pedestal Sink Vanities

It is the “anti-vanity” alternative, with only the sink on a pedestal, and is frequently chosen by those with limited bathroom floor space or who want to stick to a specific design or style. It’s a practical and stylish option, but if you need a lot of counter space or storage, it’s not for you. 

Vessel Sink Vanities

It is one of the most recent developments, which marries a free-standing vessel sink with a vanity surface, such as a copper bowl or a brilliantly glazed basin. Keep in mind that while it has a unique aesthetic and a lot of storage possibilities, it can be expensive and take up a lot of space. Commercial vessel sink vanities, such as those found in restaurants and hotels, are becoming increasingly popular for bathroom remodeling. The range of vessel bowls available in various materials such as tempered glass or even real stone means that no two sinks are alike.

Wall Mount (Floating) Vanities

The pedestal sink is affixed to the wall, while the wall mount sink is one of the most iconic and classic options. Many people are unaware that their bathroom has a wall-mounted sink since the space surrounding it has been taken over by a vanity! It’s a popular alternative for those on a budget or with limited space, but it does necessitate wall reinforcements and piping that’s either exposed or hidden behind special covers put on the underside of the sink.

Corner Vanities

These kinds of vanities are designed to satisfy certain requirements in a bathroom. For half-bath or washroom settings, the corner vanity is a common choice. A bathroom with only enough space for the toilet and sink, for example, can use a corner vanity to maximize available space. It will usually demand the use of a sink, which can even be mounted on the wall to conserve even more floor space. To be sure, they are specialist vanities and sinks, but they can help transform even the tiniest space into a useful and aesthetically pleasing bathroom.

Final Things To Consider For Your Bathroom Vanity

Cozy Home provides Antique White, Espresso, and storage types are also alternatives to explore. After you’ve decided on cabinets, you’ll want to think about top material, sink style, and faucet type. Vanity cabinets can be purchased separately from the countertop or pre-installed with a vanity top. Space and budget are the only constraints.

Visit Cozy Homes Showroom to browse through our excellent collection of Vanities for the best and perfect bathroom remodeling.

Tips to Properly Care For and Maintain Your Kitchen Cabinets

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When your kitchen cabinets are originally placed, you are in wonder because they appear to be brand new, clean, and shining. New kitchen cabinets have rapidly become your attractive and practical companion; they are appealing to the eye while also providing enough storage space. The amount of use your cabinets get regularly can start to wear them down. The last thing you want is for your cabinets to start to look worn out; after all, kitchen cabinets are a significant investment, and you want to get the most out of them.

Tips to Properly Care For and Maintain Your Kitchen Cabinets

Here are a few tips to properly care for and maintain your kitchen cabinets in Toronto.

Continually clean

Once every three days, you should clean all kitchen cabinets and knobs. If you clean your kitchen regularly, it will be a lot more effort for you each time you do it. The reason behind this is that surface stains have had time to develop and solidify. Cleaning your kitchen cabinets regularly will help to prevent the accumulation of tenacious stains that cause discoloration.

Harsh chemical cleaners should be avoided.

Chemical cleaners can contain abrasive elements that will wear down your kitchen cabinets. You won’t need a harsh chemical cleaner if you scrub hard enough and keep your kitchen cabinets clean to catch stains when they happen. Ammonia-based cleaning chemicals will harm your wood finish and cause your cabinets to age prematurely. If you need to wipe off door handles or cabinet knobs with harsher chemicals, spray onto a rag and then carefully apply over knobs, making sure the chemicals do not come into contact with the wood surface.

All of the cabinet doors are properly closed.

Make sure all of your cabinet doors and drawers are properly closed. If they don’t close completely, dust and filth will freely float in and accumulate inside your cabinets, resulting in an ugly, unclean, and difficult-to-clean mess. Furthermore, if you have any pests in your house, from bothersome bugs to curious house cats, open cabinets attract them in.

Moisture should be avoided.

You want to keep as much moisture away from your cabinets as possible; for example, hanging a wet rag from a wooden cabinet is a no-no. Although we all know that wood and water don’t mix, we sometimes overlook the durability of our kitchen cabinets. If a cabinet is constantly exposed to water, no matter how many coats of paint or primer it has, the wood will wear away and decay.

Clean with natural products.

Since using harsh chemicals to clean your kitchen cabinets is forbidden, try utilizing a natural cleaner that delivers the same sparkling clean results. To make the best kitchen cabinet cleaning solution, combine vinegar, water, and a touch of olive oil. The vinegar kills bacteria and removes built-up filth, while the olive oil leaves a lustrous sheen. Applying a wood finish for an extra layer of protection can be added towards the end of your ritual; just make sure to read reviews and ingredients because some products cause a sticky buildup that you want to avoid. While you should clean your cabinets regularly, the wood polish should only be applied every 6 months or so.

Cabinets should not be slammed.

Can you say the same about your cabinets? Your house may have a “no door slamming” policy, but can you say the same about your cabinets? We often don’t notice when we slam cabinets shut since they don’t make a loud noise, but this wears the cabinet down prematurely over time. It can also cause dings and chips on the cabinet’s inside lip. You may dissuade individuals from opening and closing cabinets with such force by adding hardware, such as cabinet door handles.

Why Cozy Home

By following the above tips you can do routine maintenance and weekly care as well to keep your cabinets looking brand new for many years to come. We are offering wholesale prices to all our clients and the best designs along with the best services. Give your kitchen a fresh makeover by contacting us today.

Important Questions to Answer Before Going for a Kitchen Renovation

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A kitchen is a place where you visit the most throughout the day to either cook, prepare quick dishes or sit around have a family meal together. Therefore, it must be neatly designed, well-maintained, and comfortable enough to use any time. As there is a famous saying, “a kitchen is a heart at home”. This shows the kitchen has the capability of increasing the beauty of your home.

You should keep inspecting your kitchen frequently and as soon as something grabs your attention that needs fixing, you must go for either kitchen renovation in Toronto or its remodeling. This way, you will be able to give your kitchen a decent, eye-catchy, and attractive look. This guide presents some important questions that you should ask while doing your kitchen remodel.

Important Things to Consider Before Your Kitchen Renovation

Whenever you want to go for a kitchen remodel, do not forget to ask the below-mentioned questions before your contractor starts doing the work.

Is The Contractor Doing Work On His Own Or Outsourcing Your Project?

It is better to meet the person who is taking responsibility for your kitchen renovation. This way, you can get an idea of your contractor’s nature and his exposure to the kitchen remodeling domain. Don’t forget to ask the contractor whether his team will do your work or he has outsourced your project to another party. You should be very clear about who is actually handling your task.

Is Your Contractor Registered?

Before going into the nitty-gritty of your kitchen renovation, you must ensure that your contractor is registered, licensed, and authorized to work. Doing this will keep you safe from working with people who have no license and are not so professional. At Cozy Homes, we are registered and our professionals can expertly handle your kitchen remodeling projects.

How Much Time Will Be Required To Complete Kitchen Remodel?

As you know, the kitchen is the busiest place at home and you can’t perform your routine tasks without going to your kitchen. This is why, before you start your kitchener kitchen renovation project, you must be very clear about how much time will it take.

Good and experienced contractors always create a feasibility report and they give an estimated time range (e.g., 3 to 4 weeks or so) to complete a particular kitchen remodeling work. At Cozy Homes, we talk you through our process and book a date of installation where we come to your home to install the final product which takes 1-2 days. We believe in swift work that causes the least amount of inconvenience for homeowners.

Will You Be Able To Use Kitchen During Remodeling?

Well, this is a necessary question that you must ask the contractor before he starts doing kitchen remodeling activities. Many contractors set your kitchen in a way that you can use important items like a stove, microwave, etc. Whereas, some other contractors don’t allow you to enter your kitchen during the kitchen renovation. At Cozy Homes, we take complete measurements of the kitchen and on the day of the installation, bring the various parts to your kitchen. 

Which Hardware Should I Use For My Kitchen Cabinets?

Kitchen cabinets, without any doubt, play their part in making your kitchen look beautiful. You should be concerned about the use of proper material in cabinets construction and installation of course.

Which Sink Should Be Suitable For My Kitchen?

There are a number of sinks available in the market. If you are planning a contemporary kitchen, under-mount sinks are just perfect for you because they make your countertop’s cleaning very easy.

Cozy Homes – The Undisputed Choice for Kitchen Renovations

Cozy Home is the perfect choice for you. You can get free 3D designs and even design alterations under the supervision of trained designers to convert your virtual idea into a real understandable one. You can get a free quotation and get your kitchen remodeled easily within one to two weeks. Find your nearest Cozy Home Showroom today!

5 Technologies to Include With Your Next Kitchen Renovation

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Even in the kitchen, technological innovations have altered what is possible. Cozy Home has gone a long way from the days of iceboxes and ticking kitchen clocks, so don’t overlook the technological aspect of your kitchen design.

Every aspect of your home has benefited from technological advancements, and the kitchen is no different. In today’s world, kitchen renovation in Toronto entails incorporating smart gadgets and appliances into your cooking area. Work in the kitchen is no longer frustrating due to heat and sweat, owing to technological innovation.

One of the biggest aspirations of the modern property owner is to acquire a high-tech kitchen. Convenience, increased productivity, and more opportunities to enjoy downtime are all benefits of technology. What should you do first?

5 Technologies to Include With Your Next Kitchen Renovation

Your next renovation could be the perfect opportunity to upgrade your kitchen with smart technology. Here are 5 technological ideas for making a smart kitchen that feels smart.


You can set multiple timers, instantly retrieve recipes, and even have recipes read to you using hands-free devices like Alexa. Cooking becomes simple and more enjoyable when you ask your device to play a podcast or make a “Kitchen” playlist with your favourite tunes to listen to as you work.

Charging Station

Aren’t we all fed up with charging wires strewn over the house and on various counters? Experts in kitchen renovation kitchener have come up with a solution. Adding charging stations to kitchen drawers will help keep the trash at bay. You’ll be in a win-win position, and the counters will stay clean. Furthermore, while your phone is not in front of your eyes, you may function without concentrating on it.

Smart Lighting

The behaviour of smart lighting is tailored to how you utilize your kitchen. It notices you moving around and turns on the lights for you or changes them according to the preferences of the people in the kitchen.

It’s difficult not to notice how the energy and cost savings accumulate over time. The automatic systems get better at predicting your motions, which improves the efficiency of the kitchen even more.

Internet-Connected Water Heater

Water heaters in the kitchen have a limited lifespan. If you’re planning a makeover and know your water heater is on its final legs, this is a fantastic time to bring technology into a kitchen that hasn’t seen much innovation before.

Remote temperature management is possible with Internet-connected water heaters, which are ideal for folks who travel regularly and want to save money while they’re away. For the rest of us, they’re a terrific way to keep an eye on leaks and performance issues in a seldom-visited area of the house.

Device Bowl

While this isn’t quite a gadget, it is unquestionably intended for gadgets. These are large bowls that can be used in the smart kitchen. Keeping one of them on top of the kitchen counter allows you to store all of your cell phones without creating a mess. Furthermore, utilizing a gadget bowl implies that family members will not be using their phones, resulting in improved communication.

Kitchen Renovation With Cozy Home

Allow these forthcoming trends to inspire your kitchen renovation in 2021. The greatest option for integrating new devices and equipment in the kitchen is to rebuild the kitchen. So, if you’re thinking about renovating your kitchen, contact Cozy Home for experienced advice and execution. Call 289-232-7252 for more information.

Undeniable Reasons to Invest in a Kitchen Renovation

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Homeowners often overlook the importance and the benefits of a timely kitchen renovation but the fact is that apart from uplifting the aesthetic quotient of your house, a comprehensive kitchen renovation procedure from reputed and reliable home improvement firms can actually add to the overall value of your house. Find your nearest Cozy Homes location to know all about kitchen renovation and remodeling. 

Undeniable Reasons to Invest in a Kitchen Renovation

Additional Space in the Kitchen

‘Add’ some space to your kitchen: An experienced professional can help you reclaim some of the space which might have gotten ‘lost’ behind or under obsolete cabinets and closets. Be sure to hear out your remodeling expert’s kitchen renovation ideas in detail, as to increase the usable space within your kitchen, they might need to move or completely remove elements of your existing setup. Knocking down unnecessary wall partitions and removal bulky, low-utility cabinets are some of the routine methods through which remodellers reclaim kitchen space.

Better Space Efficiency

A kitchen renovation makes your kitchen more space-efficient: In addition to helping you reclaiming lost space, a kitchen remodeling process also allows you the opportunity to opt for space-efficient kitchen storage options. Even relatively simple and straightforward installations such as adding vertical dividers to your cabinets or adding tip-out trays to relatively unused regions of your kitchen can help you drastically increase its storage capacity and space efficiency.

Increases Commercial Value

A kitchen renovation or a kitchen remodel procedure should really be seen as an investment rather than as an expense. With a comprehensive kitchen renovation, you will essentially be turning an old, deteriorating space of your house into a vibrant and modern space, fully equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. A modern kitchen is a must for most buyers, and renovating your kitchen can help you add a hefty amount to your house’s price tag.

Personalize Your Kitchen Space

If you have recently bought your house or are simply bored of your current layout, then a kitchen renovation in toronto can help you tailor it to your liking! If you hire professional contractors, such as the qualified experts at Cozy Homes, you can request them to provide you with a design consultation as well as communicate your personal kitchen renovation ideas, tastes, and preferences to them.

Avoid Breathing in Harmful Toxins

Older furniture pieces in your kitchen, especially those made out of engineered wood, may contain harmful and volatile chemicals which can be released into your house’s internal atmosphere over time. It is better to opt for a holistic kitchen renovation in Toronto and replace these products with relatively less harmful alternatives made out of natural woods and other non-hazardous materials.

Boost Overall Safety & Savings

Some remodeling experts may even recommend you consider replacing the outdated elements and appliances of your existing setup. Investing in newer kitchen appliances makes sense as apart from offering you the latest features, newer appliances also offer you a higher degree of safety from electric shocks or fire-related incidents. Moreover, if you choose energy-efficient variants (often signified by an Energy Star symbol), then newer appliances can also be lighter on your pocket in the long run. Additionally, newer kitchen appliances also have lower maintenance costs and it’s far easier to find spare replacement parts for modern appliances than it is for obsolete appliances.

Kitchen Renovation By Cozy Home Professionals

Kitchen renovation is a complicated and intricate process that is best left to the experts. It is also a capital-intensive procedure, and there’s no scope for any errors or mistakes caused due to inexperience or negligence. Our kitchen remodeling experts at Cozy Homes are experienced, professional and fully committed to translating your vision and preferences into reality.

Get in touch with us for detailed design recommendations and consultation!

Kitchen Design Trends Perfect for 2021

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Kitchens have become an integral part of every household. It is no longer just a cooking unit but instead has become a lovable part of every home where families spend time together, enjoy cooking and gather around to share food and good emotions. Keeping your kitchen up to date with the latest kitchen upgrade trends of 2021 will surely give your entire home a beautiful aesthetic upgrade.

Latest Kitchen Design Ideas of 2021 for a Stunning Makeover:

Improved Storage

With the ongoing pandemic, homeowners have come to realize that having added storage space has become a necessity. With having to stay indoors and have limited interaction with the outside world, homeowners found the need to start storing food items and cooked foods. This made it one of the biggest demands of 2021. Upgrade your kitchen storage with custom-made cabinets that not only enhance its functionality but also improve the overall appeal of the kitchen in terms of beauty and aesthetics. 

Darker Surfaces

The dark side called and wants to redesign your kitchen a darker shade conveying style and timeless elegance. An emerging trend of two-tone kitchens has overtaken the home interior world with more homeowners wanting to switch to dual-tone kitchens and contrasting it with a darker shade. Darker countertops can be complemented with lighter walls and furniture around. You can also add a more rustic charm to your kitchen with textured wood and darker surfaces around.

Structure and Simplicity

Streamlined kitchens have surely seen a boost in 2021 when it comes to kitchen designs. Mix and match high-quality material with lines and spaces to create a structured and minimalistic look that is pleasing to the eye. You can integrate appliances into the kitchen storage above to keep them out of view for a more simplistic and easy-going kitchen. This ensures the overall kitchen look is not disrupted and you have a very enigmatic look in the entire kitchen. 

Upgrade the cupboards with custom kitchen cabinet designs to help hold all the appliances and utensils and keep them out of your way for a highly functioning kitchen. 

Larger Island

Open kitchens with larger islands in the center have surely become a trend that has caught on quickly. This helps give you more space to work and gives the kitchen a large, open look with easy movability around. The area under the island worktop can help you tuck in cozy bar stools to make your island serve the purpose of a dining table as well. You could also install custom kitchen cabinets Toronto to bump up your storage keep your kitchen looking neat and clean at all times. Cozy Homes can help bring these delightful design ideas to life, you can find a store near you to book an easy consultation.

Handle-less Cabinets

With the contemporary and minimalistic trends catching on, one of the most wanted and popular looks in 2021 has to be the handleless cabinets that give your kitchen a unique finish. The cabinets are more free-flowing and the entire kitchen looks extremely sophisticated and niche without tacky handles poking out or coming in the way while you work. Both new and old kitchens can upgrade to this look of fancy kitchen cabinets which gives the entire kitchen an evergreen, timeless feel.

Contact Cozy Homes to get a quotation about a kitchen upgrade. Stylize your kitchen with all the latest design and kitchen trends of 2021 to give your kitchen the much-needed make-over you’ve been dreaming of. We help you create that dream into a reality. Call NOW!

Kitchen Cabinet Materials: Pros and Cons of Popular Materials

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Gorgeous kitchen cabinetry not only transforms the look and feel of your household but also adds to the property value. Choosing the right style and design is very important for homeowners as designer kitchen cabinets can take up almost a quarter of the kitchen remodeling budget. But what’s even more essential than aesthetic value is picking the right material for your kitchen cabinetry. As re-designing and remodeling kitchens are usually a long-term investment, homeowners should consider weighing the merits and downsides of the most popular kitchen cabinet materials available in the market.   


Easily the most popular construction material, the natural beauty, and elegance of wood are unmatched. Available in various natural hues, wooden cabinets are as strong as they are capable of supporting heavyweight. Solid wood can be fashioned and customized to suit specific tastes. 

However, wooden cabinets require adequate protection from moisture and need to be properly waterproofed. That along with relatively high costs can put off many homeowners from investing in kitchen cabinets in Toronto made from wood.

Medium-Density Fiberboard (MDF) 

A mixture of small wood fiber particles, resins, and wax, MDF does not react to humidity. This makes them resistant to warping. The smooth surface with even grain can be painted and re-painted without much hassle. Like wood, the material can be used to craft various styles. But unlike wood, MDF is available in large pieces, thus providing more creative liberty. 

On the downside, scrapes and chips on MDF boards can be difficult to sand and the material should not be used in places that experience extreme heat. 


Made with plywood or pressed wood with an infused resin, melamine cabinets are easy to clean and do not require staining or sealing. Melamine cabinets are available in a wide range of colors. Along with the fact that it is one of the cheapest materials in the market, melamine remains popular for its ability to mimic wood grain without additional maintenance issues. 

Most melamine cabinets are square, thus limiting the variety of choice. They are also heavier than other materials and more susceptible to dents and scratches. This can take up the overall maintenance cost.


If you are looking for a bit of sophistication then you should install polyester cabinets for your designer kitchen. Polyester is a compound made by combining pine fiber and melamine. The material is coated with a polyester film which makes it more resistant to dents and scratches. 

On the flip side, if your polyester kitchen cabinet does get scratched, it can be difficult to fix. 

High-Pressure Laminates (HPL) 

Manufactured by pressuring multiple layers together, these laminates are similar to melamine but offer much more protection. Comparatively, HPLC is more resistant to scratches, chips, and dents, than other materials available in the market. 

HPLC is more expensive than melamine or polyester and hence homeowners may end up choosing other alternatives due to their cost-effectiveness.

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