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Deciding Between Single And Double Bathroom Vanities

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One of the most exciting aspects of remodeling a bathroom is selecting a new bathroom vanity. It will serve a practical purpose, but it will also serve as a focal point, setting the tone for your design—one of the issues that many people debate is using a single or double sink. Before deciding, consider the pros and downsides of each option.

Deciding Between Single And Double Bathroom Vanities

Double bathroom vanities provide all of the benefits of a single vanity multiplied by two, allowing two people to get ready in the morning, reducing the stress of sharing the bathroom, and increasing overall convenience and flexibility. However, they also require double the plumbing and upkeep and aren’t always possible to put into a bathroom. So what are the signs that a double vanity is appropriate for you? Is it better to have twin bathroom vanities or a single vanity in your bathroom? Here are some crucial factors to consider when weighing the benefits and drawbacks of a twin bathroom vanity.


It would appear that just because a double vanity can fit in a bathroom doesn’t mean it’s a brilliant idea. Consider how a double vanity will fit into the overall feel of your bathroom: Will it make things claustrophobic? Will there be enough space to work around it? Will it overpower the room? In general, pick a vanity that is the right size for your bathroom, which means you have at least 6 solid feet to devote to the vanity. Whatever vanity you pick, be sure there is enough space in the room for you to walk about comfortably.


The budget comes into play when you make a significant purchase. Because twin vanities need double plumbing, expect higher prices. Then there is a broad range of pricing points depending on the double vanity design you like. What characteristics are essential to you? What is the difference between a need and preference? You can find the perfect thing at the right price with Cozy Home!

Selling Power

All of the reasons you prefer double vanities will come into play if you ever try to sell your house so upgrading may have some long-term benefits. More flexibility in the bathroom, more significant space to share, and more ease in everyday routines may appeal to potential purchasers. For these reasons, a double bathroom vanity can frequently feel like a significant upgrade — something that could make it a wise purchase for you right now.


Having two vanities is that each individual has a sink area to utilize every day. No one needs to compete for restroom time or get in the way of someone else’s routine. You may also keep all of your amenities in your own bathroom space, where they will be ready and waiting for you every day. However, this convenience has some disadvantages, such as more surfaces to clean and maybe less counter space than with a single sink.

The choice between a single or double vanity is ultimately a personal one. Knowing what’s suitable for you means understanding your available space, what’s essential to you, what you can afford, and what you like. Use the categories above to make sure you’re thinking about things the right way to make an informed decision that meets your needs. Then, when you’re ready to purchase, Cozy Home has many possibilities, whether you need a single vanity or a double vanity.

Does a Double Vanity Add Value To Your Bathroom?

Another advantage of adding a double vanity in your bathroom is that it might increase the total value of your house. If you want to sell your home in the future, installing a double-sink vanity in the bathroom can increase its value.

Single Vanities are Perfect for Smaller Bathrooms

Of course, the critical consideration in deciding whether to install a single or double vanity is the size of your bathroom. To establish a double vanity, you must first ensure that it not only fits your space but also that it does not overcrowd the bathroom. In addition, you want your bathroom to be a soothing and tranquil environment regardless of its size. Single-sink bathroom vanities are an attractive alternative for a bathroom vanity that fits well in a smaller area.

Update Your Bathroom Vanities With Cozy Home

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