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From Blueprint to Build: Calculating the Right Number of Cabinets for Your Kitchen

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Embarking on a kitchen remodelling project can be daunting, especially when determining the number of cabinets needed for your space. With proper planning and calculation, you may avoid ending up with too little or too much storage, causing frustration and unnecessary expenses. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the steps of calculating the right number of cabinets for your kitchen, starting from the blueprint stage all the way to the build process. With our expert tips, you can achieve a functional and stylish kitchen that perfectly suits your needs.

Get an Accurate Measurement of Your Kitchen

If you’re planning to remodel your kitchen, it’s crucial to have accurate measurements of your space. This will help you determine the number of cabinets you need, as well as their size and style. To begin, use a tape measure to measure the length and width of your kitchen walls, including any islands or peninsulas. It’s also important to measure the height of your ceiling since this will impact the height of your cabinets. 

Additionally, take note of any existing fixtures, such as appliances, windows, and doors, as they will affect the placement and size of your cabinets. Once you have your measurements, you can either use kitchen design software or work with a professional designer to create a blueprint that outlines the placement and dimensions of your cabinets. Having a blueprint at hand will make it easier to determine how many cabinets you need for your kitchen remodelling project.

Decide on the Functionality of Your Cabinets

To start planning your kitchen remodel, it’s important to measure the space accurately. After that, you need to determine the functionality of your cabinets based on your needs. Do you require more storage space or efficient organizational solutions? Do you have specific requirements like a built-in spice rack or pull-out trash can? 

Consider your current kitchen layout and identify the features that work well and those that do not. This will help you choose the type of cabinets that will meet your requirements. For example, if you have a small kitchen, drawers or pull-out shelves would be a good choice as they will maximize the space and make it easier to access your kitchen items.

If you love entertaining guests, a combination of open and closed cabinets will be suitable, as it allows you to showcase your dishes and glassware while keeping other items out of sight.

Determine the Style of Your New Kitchen

After measuring your kitchen and deciding on the necessary functionality of your cabinets, it’s time to choose the style that best suits your needs. The cabinet style you choose can have a significant effect on the overall appearance and vibe of your kitchen.

To begin, think about the current style of your home and what cabinet style would best complement it. Do you prefer traditional or modern aesthetics? Checking out online resources like Pinterest, Houzz, and Instagram can help you determine the style of kitchen that works well for you. Home design magazines or showrooms can also give you inspiration for your new kitchen.

Another important consideration is the colour and finish of your cabinets. Do you prefer natural wood or painted cabinets? Would you like your kitchen to have a light and airy feel or something more moody and dark?

Lastly, the hardware and knobs you choose for your cabinets can add a finishing touch to your kitchen. Whether you prefer modern and sleek or classic and ornate, the right hardware can elevate the overall appearance and tie the look of your kitchen together.

Add Extra Storage with Cabinet Accessories

Want to maximize the storage and functionality of your new cabinets? Consider adding cabinet accessories such as pull-out drawers, spice racks, tray dividers, and lazy susans. You can even have custom-made accessories like a built-in wine rack or knife holder to fit your specific needs. 

When choosing accessories, think about the items you need to store and what will make your daily kitchen tasks more efficient. For example, if you have lots of baking sheets, vertical dividers can keep them organized and easily accessible. And if you use spices frequently, a pull-out spice rack can make them easy to find and use.

A pull-out pantry is another great option, especially if you have limited pantry space. It allows you to easily access your canned goods and dry goods. You can also opt for pull-out trash and recycling bins, which can be hidden behind a cabinet door for a neat appearance. Remember to consult with your cabinet maker to determine the available options that will work best for your space and lifestyle. 

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