Getting RTA bathroom vanities: Design, planning, installation

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One of the biggest reasons why homeowners buy ready-to-assemble bathroom vanities is because they are easy to order, easy to procure and easy to install. RTAs take the hassle and budget overruns out of bathroom remodelling and make renovations all that much more accessible for everyone.

With millions of Canadians spending a lot more time cooped up at home we have seen a big increase in demand for our RTA bathroom vanities. Their ease of DIY (or professional installation) makes RTA vanities and RTA bathroom cabinets an affordable, enjoyable project.

If you are new to the world of RTA – welcome! In this article we will explain the process behind getting personalized vanities and cabinets for your bathroom.

Step 1: Design

At CozyHome we have a large selection of bathroom vanity designs and cabinets to choose from. Find the right classic or modern vanity in a variety of finishes and colors for your bathroom. Once you know what design you want, bring a rough measurement of your bathroom to us. Make sure you include dimensions of the window, the height of the ceiling and wall-to-wall measurements.

Our team will prepare a 3D model of the bathroom based on your layout. Tweak your design as required. Once that’s done we will provide a quote for your RTA bathroom vanity and RTA bathroom cabinets.

Step 2: Planning

Once your design is finalized a technician will make a house call to take accurate measurements. Don’t worry we take an appointment with you before making a visit. The technician will comprehensively assess the space and make recommendations in case of any space conflicts. If a redesign is required we will make recommendations for the same.

Step 3: Installation

Our team of installers will deliver the RTA bathroom vanity and RTA bathroom cabinets on the day of installation. Vanities can be completed within a day or two, usually, depending on the size and complexity of the bathroom vanity design. Alternatively, you can DIY bathroom vanity and cabinet installation.

Tips and tricks for choosing the right bathroom vanity design

RTA makes remodels easy – if the design is right from the start. Here are a few things you should think about before placing your order.

  1. Material choice – Choose between solid wood doors or HDF doors, depending on the realistic moisture level maintainable in your bathroom.
  2. Maximize space – Don’t overfill the bathroom with a vanity or overlarge cabinets.
  3. Plumbing – Rerouting plumbing adds complexity to the build and can increase the chance of leaks.
  4. Choice of sink – Make sure the sink has enough clearance. Multiple sinks can look luxurious but will they fit comfortably?
  5. Type of vanity – Floating, free-standing or corner vanity? Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Speak to a CozyHome representative today about the best options for you.