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How To Protect Your Kitchen Cabinets From Humidification?

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Aside from basements, genuine wood cabinets will undoubtedly experience swelling and shrinkage due to humidity.

Typically, the cabinets are built with a target relative humidity range of 40 to 50 percent, which works well. However, extreme circumstances, such as bitterly cold temperatures with humidity levels below 20%, can promote shrinkage. On the other hand, the cabinets will swell when the humidity level continues above 80%.

When opening or shutting cabinets, the influence of dampness may be noticed on the door. Humidity may cause apparent and perhaps lasting damage to the kitchen cabinet. Here are some helpful tips for preventing humidity in your cabinet:

Keep An Eye On Your Home’s Humidity Level

Humidity may cause cancer in your cabinets if it is not managed correctly. Therefore, it is vital to check the humidity level in your home to be certain. The most straightforward approach to keeping track of the present humidity level is to use a built-in hygrometer. However, if your home does not have a built-in hydrometer, the best option is to acquire a cheap digital hydrometer.

Having multiple hygrometers allows you to determine the humidity levels on different floors of your home. This hygrometer will sound an alarm when the humidity levels become too high.

In your kitchen, use vents and exhaust fans

To keep your kitchen alive, use vents and exhaust fans. Exhaust fans remove moisture from interior air and transport it to the outside. When cooking, make sure you utilize an exhaust or ventilation fan. Excessive heat or moisture generated during the cooking process may ruin your cabinetry. Furthermore, the exhaust fan aids in the removal of cooking odors.

In addition, the dryer is specifically designed to absorb water from laundry as it is being washed. When it’s vented inside the house, the extra moisture it releases seeps back in, causing damage to your wooden kitchen cabinets and doors. As a result, vent the dryer to lessen the amount of humidity in the house.

Fix any leaks or dampness in the plumbing system

Kitchens and bathrooms are frequently higher than the rest of the house. This is because there’s running water and a refrigerator nearby. Surprisingly, the fridge has an impact on kitchen moisture. Although the freezers are hidden from view, the coolant system that keeps everything cold creates a little quantity of wetness.

Take urgent action to address any leaky plumbing or moisture issues that might cause your home’s humidity to rise, causing damage to surfaces.

Select the material with care

The kitchen cabinet material you select can significantly impact how well your things are protected from dampness. If you’re keeping anything, consider using sealed plastic boxes. They keep moisture out of the house. If you’re keeping cereal boxes, you might want to go for breathable, acid-free boxes.

The two most popular materials used to construct kitchen cabinets are natural wood or pressure-compressed wood board or plywood.

Before storing anything, make sure it’s clean and dry

Dirt is a typical source of scratches and permanent stains. Food crumbs that may attract rats or other pests are the same. Because of these dangers, it is critical that you carefully clean your storage goods before putting them away. Nonetheless, it is vital to dry everything properly.

How To Reduce Humidity In Your Kitchen?

In your kitchen pantry, a dehumidifier can efficiently decrease moisture to a level where mold and mildew cannot develop. Consider a dehumidifier if you have a lot of moisture in the kitchen cabinets. As a result, the musty and disagreeable odor they emit is avoided.

Why Consult Cozy Home?

To control moisture in the kitchen cabinets, disposable and small renewable dehumidifiers can be utilized in these places. Cozy Home can assist you in removing excess moisture from your kitchen by using the knowledge of their experts. Contact us today if you want to learn how to properly use your dehumidified kitchen cabinets. Request a free design consultation, see your dream kitchen in 3D, receive a free quote, and see how much money you can save!