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Kitchen Design Trends Perfect for 2021

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Kitchens have become an integral part of every household. It is no longer just a cooking unit but instead has become a lovable part of every home where families spend time together, enjoy cooking and gather around to share food and good emotions. Keeping your kitchen up to date with the latest kitchen upgrade trends of 2021 will surely give your entire home a beautiful aesthetic upgrade.

Latest Kitchen Design Ideas of 2021 for a Stunning Makeover:

Improved Storage

With the ongoing pandemic, homeowners have come to realize that having added storage space has become a necessity. With having to stay indoors and have limited interaction with the outside world, homeowners found the need to start storing food items and cooked foods. This made it one of the biggest demands of 2021. Upgrade your kitchen storage with custom-made cabinets that not only enhance its functionality but also improve the overall appeal of the kitchen in terms of beauty and aesthetics. 

Darker Surfaces

The dark side called and wants to redesign your kitchen a darker shade conveying style and timeless elegance. An emerging trend of two-tone kitchens has overtaken the home interior world with more homeowners wanting to switch to dual-tone kitchens and contrasting it with a darker shade. Darker countertops can be complemented with lighter walls and furniture around. You can also add a more rustic charm to your kitchen with textured wood and darker surfaces around.

Structure and Simplicity

Streamlined kitchens have surely seen a boost in 2021 when it comes to kitchen designs. Mix and match high-quality material with lines and spaces to create a structured and minimalistic look that is pleasing to the eye. You can integrate appliances into the kitchen storage above to keep them out of view for a more simplistic and easy-going kitchen. This ensures the overall kitchen look is not disrupted and you have a very enigmatic look in the entire kitchen. 

Upgrade the cupboards with custom kitchen cabinet designs to help hold all the appliances and utensils and keep them out of your way for a highly functioning kitchen. 

Larger Island

Open kitchens with larger islands in the center have surely become a trend that has caught on quickly. This helps give you more space to work and gives the kitchen a large, open look with easy movability around. The area under the island worktop can help you tuck in cozy bar stools to make your island serve the purpose of a dining table as well. You could also install custom kitchen cabinets Toronto to bump up your storage keep your kitchen looking neat and clean at all times. Cozy Homes can help bring these delightful design ideas to life, you can find a store near you to book an easy consultation.

Handle-less Cabinets

With the contemporary and minimalistic trends catching on, one of the most wanted and popular looks in 2021 has to be the handleless cabinets that give your kitchen a unique finish. The cabinets are more free-flowing and the entire kitchen looks extremely sophisticated and niche without tacky handles poking out or coming in the way while you work. Both new and old kitchens can upgrade to this look of fancy kitchen cabinets which gives the entire kitchen an evergreen, timeless feel.

Contact Cozy Homes to get a quotation about a kitchen upgrade. Stylize your kitchen with all the latest design and kitchen trends of 2021 to give your kitchen the much-needed make-over you’ve been dreaming of. We help you create that dream into a reality. Call NOW!