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Kitchen Design Trends Perfect for 2021

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Kitchens have become an integral part of every household. It is no longer just a cooking unit but instead has become a lovable part of every home where families spend time together, enjoy cooking and gather around to share food and good emotions. Keeping your kitchen up to date with the latest kitchen upgrade trends of 2021 will surely give your entire home a beautiful aesthetic upgrade.

Latest Kitchen Design Ideas of 2021 for a Stunning Makeover:

Improved Storage

With the ongoing pandemic, homeowners have come to realize that having added storage space has become a necessity. With having to stay indoors and have limited interaction with the outside world, homeowners found the need to start storing food items and cooked foods. This made it one of the biggest demands of 2021. Upgrade your kitchen storage with custom-made cabinets that not only enhance its functionality but also improve the overall appeal of the kitchen in terms of beauty and aesthetics. 

Darker Surfaces

The dark side called and wants to redesign your kitchen a darker shade conveying style and timeless elegance. An emerging trend of two-tone kitchens has overtaken the home interior world with more homeowners wanting to switch to dual-tone kitchens and contrasting it with a darker shade. Darker countertops can be complemented with lighter walls and furniture around. You can also add a more rustic charm to your kitchen with textured wood and darker surfaces around.

Structure and Simplicity

Streamlined kitchens have surely seen a boost in 2021 when it comes to kitchen designs. Mix and match high-quality material with lines and spaces to create a structured and minimalistic look that is pleasing to the eye. You can integrate appliances into the kitchen storage above to keep them out of view for a more simplistic and easy-going kitchen. This ensures the overall kitchen look is not disrupted and you have a very enigmatic look in the entire kitchen. 

Upgrade the cupboards with custom kitchen cabinet designs to help hold all the appliances and utensils and keep them out of your way for a highly functioning kitchen. 

Larger Island

Open kitchens with larger islands in the center have surely become a trend that has caught on quickly. This helps give you more space to work and gives the kitchen a large, open look with easy movability around. The area under the island worktop can help you tuck in cozy bar stools to make your island serve the purpose of a dining table as well. You could also install custom kitchen cabinets Toronto to bump up your storage keep your kitchen looking neat and clean at all times. Cozy Homes can help bring these delightful design ideas to life, you can find a store near you to book an easy consultation.

Handle-less Cabinets

With the contemporary and minimalistic trends catching on, one of the most wanted and popular looks in 2021 has to be the handleless cabinets that give your kitchen a unique finish. The cabinets are more free-flowing and the entire kitchen looks extremely sophisticated and niche without tacky handles poking out or coming in the way while you work. Both new and old kitchens can upgrade to this look of fancy kitchen cabinets which gives the entire kitchen an evergreen, timeless feel.

Contact Cozy Homes to get a quotation about a kitchen upgrade. Stylize your kitchen with all the latest design and kitchen trends of 2021 to give your kitchen the much-needed make-over you’ve been dreaming of. We help you create that dream into a reality. Call NOW!

Kitchen Cabinet Materials: Pros and Cons of Popular Materials

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Gorgeous kitchen cabinetry not only transforms the look and feel of your household but also adds to the property value. Choosing the right style and design is very important for homeowners as designer kitchen cabinets can take up almost a quarter of the kitchen remodeling budget. But what’s even more essential than aesthetic value is picking the right material for your kitchen cabinetry. As re-designing and remodeling kitchens are usually a long-term investment, homeowners should consider weighing the merits and downsides of the most popular kitchen cabinet materials available in the market.   


Easily the most popular construction material, the natural beauty, and elegance of wood are unmatched. Available in various natural hues, wooden cabinets are as strong as they are capable of supporting heavyweight. Solid wood can be fashioned and customized to suit specific tastes. 

However, wooden cabinets require adequate protection from moisture and need to be properly waterproofed. That along with relatively high costs can put off many homeowners from investing in kitchen cabinets in Toronto made from wood.

Medium-Density Fiberboard (MDF) 

A mixture of small wood fiber particles, resins, and wax, MDF does not react to humidity. This makes them resistant to warping. The smooth surface with even grain can be painted and re-painted without much hassle. Like wood, the material can be used to craft various styles. But unlike wood, MDF is available in large pieces, thus providing more creative liberty. 

On the downside, scrapes and chips on MDF boards can be difficult to sand and the material should not be used in places that experience extreme heat. 


Made with plywood or pressed wood with an infused resin, melamine cabinets are easy to clean and do not require staining or sealing. Melamine cabinets are available in a wide range of colors. Along with the fact that it is one of the cheapest materials in the market, melamine remains popular for its ability to mimic wood grain without additional maintenance issues. 

Most melamine cabinets are square, thus limiting the variety of choice. They are also heavier than other materials and more susceptible to dents and scratches. This can take up the overall maintenance cost.


If you are looking for a bit of sophistication then you should install polyester cabinets for your designer kitchen. Polyester is a compound made by combining pine fiber and melamine. The material is coated with a polyester film which makes it more resistant to dents and scratches. 

On the flip side, if your polyester kitchen cabinet does get scratched, it can be difficult to fix. 

High-Pressure Laminates (HPL) 

Manufactured by pressuring multiple layers together, these laminates are similar to melamine but offer much more protection. Comparatively, HPLC is more resistant to scratches, chips, and dents, than other materials available in the market. 

HPLC is more expensive than melamine or polyester and hence homeowners may end up choosing other alternatives due to their cost-effectiveness.

At CozyHome, we dedicate our time and services to help you make your dream kitchen come true. Thinking of remodeling your kitchen or getting custom kitchen cabinets? Book a free design consultation, view your dream kitchen in 3D, get a free quotation, and find out how much you can save.

Find the nearest CozyHome showroom and let us help make your dream kitchen come to life!

Kitchen Storage

5 Efficient Kitchen Storage Solutions for Every Home

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The first impression a kitchen always makes is how well organized it is. Kitchens come in various sizes and for smaller kitchens, storage can be quite an issue. Many homeowners struggle to fit in everything into their kitchens including appliances, food items, cutlery, cooking utensils, dishware, cups – and the list can go on. Customizing your kitchen to suit your storage needs can greatly enhance its function and make it look clutter free. This will surely enhance your cooking experience and make the kitchen area more enjoyable.

Read on to know how you can better store kitchen items and elevate its functionality and appearance.

5 Kitchen Storage Solutions for a Sorted, Tidy Kitchen

Spice Compartment

Keeping spices in a cupboard can be inefficient and difficult to reach out to everytime you cook. As spices are used frequently, it would help build custom kitchen cabinets in Toronto which is within reach. In order to enhance its utility, you can get it to rotate to easily reach out to different spices you might need. This will save on space and look elegant as well. It will also prevent spilling of spices onto the counter if they’re neatly tucked away. The bottles won’t pile on top of the other and will not fall out unexpectedly. Just rotate the spinner to access different food items for as and when needed. 

Under-Sink Drawer

Most kitchens come equipped with a cupboard under the sink but you could opt in for a drawer instead. This will help pull out paper towels, dish soaps and other accessories without getting obstructed by the sink pipes. The drawer can further have compartments to help store gloves, detergent, towels etc. in a more organized fashion. This will save time and effort making you an efficiency-pro in the kitchen.

Storage Inside Doors

Cabinet doors can be put to use to provide an improved storage option inside the kitchen. Build custom storage compartments behind cabinet doors to hold slim items around the kitchen. You can store chopping boards, kitchen towels, lids, to help you with storage. This keeps them from cluttering the kitchen space, leaving you with more room to work.

Book an appointment with us for us to take a look at your kitchen and give you the best options to utilize your space better.

Hidden Drawers

Add hidden drawers and faux cupboards in the sink trim. You can hide away cleaning sponges, gloves and any other cleaning material you wouldn’t want to keep out in the open. This will keep your kitchen looking tidy and will also help reach out to these items easily when needed. This is a great way to use unused spaces even if they’re tiny as even the tiniest bit of storage enhancement can greatly improve your productivity in the kitchen!

Vertical Dividers

Vertical dividers can help declutter different utensils easily. Rather than stacking them up one on top of the other, get vertical dividers built into the cabinets. This gives customized space for different utensils and you can partition them easily based on their use. Baking dishes, cooking utensils, serving utensils can go into their individual compartments and help you maneuver through different products easily.

Try out these kitchen storage ideas to help you declutter the kitchen and enhance its style, appeal and overall functionality. Cooking and working will no longer feel like a chore.

Contact us or find the nearest CozyHome Showroom to get custom solutions that will sort out your kitchen space. 

Customize your own Kitchen Cabinets today!

cozy home custom rta cabinets

Custom design your own modern kitchen cabinets

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The kitchen is the one room in your house where all the magic happens. It is the place where you cook delicious meals, where the family gathers for a snack, and where you relax with a cup of java. So, it is only fitting that you design it to be cozy and welcoming.

With custom-designed cabinets, you can transform any plain cookery into the kitchen of your dreams. Read on to discover how to breathe new life into your kitchen with premium quality bespoke furniture.

How to Redesign Your Kitchen

Every homeowner out there dreams of having a kitchen tailor-cut to their preferences. Just imagine having a say on how every square centimeter in your kitchen gets to look like. You could choose the color, lines, and patterns that best suit your taste.

Most families in Canada would agree that many of the family activities take place in the kitchen. A well-designed kitchen area can make it even more attractive, and beautifying it is neither difficult nor expensive.

The good news is that you don’t necessarily have to change the color of the walls or the tiles on the floor to enhance the charm of your kitchen. All you need to do is change the cabinets. Out with the old, and in with the new!

What Are RTA Cabinets?

RTA stands for ready-to-assemble, and it is a top-quality standard for convenient, affordable and custom kitchen cabinets.

By adorning your kitchen with pre-made, ready-to-assemble cabinets, you get to save money on custom-made furniture and achieve the same effect. Whether you are looking for a large number of kitchen cabinets or just a long breakfast bar with a sturdy countertop, RTA cabinets should help you renovate your kitchen in style.

RTA cabinets provide a cost-effective, durable, and customizable solution for any homeowner who wants to design the modern kitchen of their dreams.

Design your kitchen cabinets in 3D!

Design your new kitchen cabinets

The Benefits of RTA Cabinets for Designing a Modern Kitchen

Buying contemporary RTA kitchen cabinets in Toronto will save you more money and hassle than installing custom-made kitchen furniture. However, it is not the only reason why you should choose them. Here are four more:

  1. Flexibility

Cutting-edge design and finishes do not have to break the bank. Choose the designs you want, the colors you want at a reasonable price. Custom RTA cabinets are lower cost than pre-made cabinets. Use our kitchen design tool to customize the kitchen cabinets of your dreams.

  1. Fast Delivery

When you order custom-made cabinets, you have to prepare for a long wait. The overall turnaround time can vary widely between suppliers – as does final quality. With RTA cabinets, you benefit from faster delivery and turnaround time. As a full-service RTA cabinet supplier we maintain a comprehensive stock. When you order cabinets, they are shipped to you without delay.

  1. Easy to Assemble

Modern kitchens are desirable up until the point they have to be installed. Assembling contemporary RTA cabinets is an easy DIY project that most homeowners can easily complete because cabinets are designed for easy installation.  Don’t waste your time and money on custom-made kitchen cabinets that will sour your kitchen redesigning experience. Customize your own high-quality RTA cabinets to upgrade your kitchen to modern standards at an affordable price!

Design the kitchen cabinets of your dreams.

cozy home reasons to get ready to assemble kitchen cabinets

Top 5 reasons why you should get ready-to-assemble cabinets

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Ready-to-assemble cabinets are one of the best ways to redo your kitchen or bathroom. Available in all the finishes and colors you desire, they really have become the obvious choice for the Canadian homeowners. In this article we are looking at the top 5 reasons why ready-to-assemble cabinetry is ideal for just about anyone. But beware! Not all ready-to-assemble cabinets are the same and you should only buy from a reputed seller.

Top 5 benefits of ready-to-assemble cabinets

Ready-to-assemble cabinets are the perfect option for DIYers. They offer the uniqueness of custom cabinets and the ease of installation of pre-manufactured cabinets. Here are five benefits of cabinets.

Huge catalog

Choose from a wide range of materials, finishes and configurations of cabinets. Door handles, colors, layout and even design can be configured to suit your preferences.


Every home is unique and so should your cabinets be. That’s why our designers customize the design of cabinets according to your needs and the end result is no different from any custom made cabinetry.


Did you know a full-service ready-to-assemble cabinet maker like CozyHome will have a larger catalog of designs and customization options than a chain Home store.


Quick delivery

We strive to make sure products are in stock, which means you don’t have to wait weeks on end for your Toronto kitchen cabinets to be manufactured. For DIY projects, that’s a huge bonus because time can sap initiative. We also use fast shipping methods to get RTA cabinets to your doorstep in double time!


Ready-to-assemble cabinets can be less than half the price of custom cabinets – despite having virtually all of the same features. Buyers can choose from different materials and complexity in design, making them affordable for all budgets.


These cabinets are long-lasting and durable. They require little-to-no maintenance and even detail work on the cabinets does not degrade over time. RTA cabinets can handle heavy dishes without any problem too.


Selection of our designs

Really easy to install

Ready-to-assemble cabinets are shipped to you ready to be installed. That means you can save on labor charges for assembly and installation. They are very easy to install too, often requiring only one tool – a screwdriver – to assemble. Glue, dowel pins and screws are included with the cabinets, as are easy to read instructions. For any doubts, our team is more than happy to help.

Read more

How to plan a kitchen renovation | 10 kitchen drawer ideas from Pinterest


Want to see our products before you buy? Visit our showroom in Mississauga, Kitchener, Scarborough or Vaughan.

kitchen drawer ideas

Top 10 kitchen drawer ideas from Pinterest

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The kitchen is about the most difficult place in the house to keep organized. From wandering pans to missing condiments, it always feels like the little kitchen accoutrements are always on the move. It’s because most kitchen storage spaces are designed unintelligently. Kitchen drawers are literally square shelves into which you are trying to fit round bottles.

To make your kitchen smarter, we have scoured Pinterest to find some incredible kitchen drawer ideas. If you want any of these kitchen cabinets in Toronto for your house, call us for a free quote.

10 innovative, interesting and quirky kitchen drawer ideas from Pinterest

cozyhome pinterest 2 kitchen cabinet ideas

cozyhome pinterest 3 kitchen drawer ideas

cozyhome pinterest 4 kitchen cabinet storage

cozyhome pinterest 5 kitchen cabinet ideas

cozyhome pinterest 6 kitchen storage ideas

cozyhome pinterest 7 kitchen drawer cabinet ideascozyhome pinterest 8 kitchen drawers

cozyhome pinterest 9 kitchen cabinet

cozyhome pinterest 10 kitchen drawer utility

Raise your kitchen’s Storage Quotient

Slide out prep station

A drawer that hides an easy to clean chopping board and a slot to drop organic waste from – we love it! It’s such a neat way to save counter space and mess. The unit is the size of a standard drawer, which makes it easy to incorporate too.

Pan and tray drawer

A deep drawer that organizes all the baking trays, skillets and cooking pans vertically and has their handles pointing out is incredibly handy. Custom wooden dividers keep pans from banging into each other. Best to use the bottom most drawer for this one, given it’ll need to be a little taller.

Knife organizer

Knife organizers are great if you are short on counter space or want to keep sharp objects out of sight of children. The organizer can fit all types of knives, including bread and meat knives, and keeps them from bumping into each other. Properly aligned knives last longer too.

Cup pod organizer

Coffee pods have a bad habit of disappearing when you want them most, especially the good ones you were saving for an indulgent day. With a pod drawer or a “K-drawer”, keep all your pods neatly organized. It’s basically a slide-out on top of an existing drawer and doesn’t take up any extra room.

Produce bin

Unrefrigerated produce like potatoes and onions have a way of winding up in an incredible mess no matter how hard you try. A segmented produce bin makes life so much easier, with produce sorting itself into perfectly sized cubby spaces. A mesh bottom makes it easy to clean peels too.


Talk to CozyHome about custom cabinets for your kitchen. Our designers create bespoke designs so your kitchen is truly only your own!




cozyhome pull out drawers

5 must-have kitchen cabinet features

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There’s something very satisfying about getting new kitchen cabinets with handy storage spaces. Great kitchen cabinet storage ideas do more than just hide away the clutter – they make your kitchen smarter.

In this article we are looking at 5 special kitchen cabinet features that you need to have in your dream kitchen in 2020.

Pull-out convenience

Custom pull-outs are basically drawers with a purpose. There are options for spice pull-outs, garbage bin pull-outs and even appliance pull-outs. Pull-outs incorporate special storage that makes access and cleaning easier. For instance, a spice pull-out has extra height between the selves which makes it easier to take out taller bottles of spices and see what’s in the lower shelves. A recycling unit pull-out is neatly hidden away and can even be used to segregate aluminum, glass and cardboard.

cozyhome cool kitchen cabinet ideasCorner storage

Simply filling corners with shelves makes for an awkward experience. Sure, split-hinged doors offer sufficient access, but the space can be utilized so much better with a dedicated solution. The ‘lazy susan’ style of cabinets improves the layout while making access that much easier. The same goes for ‘blind corner cabinets’, which are used as an alternative to lazy susan cabinets. What’s better, they can even be equipped with pull-out shelves. Finally, corner drawers are another option for making corners that much more usable.

How to go about getting new cabinets


Coffee station

If someone doesn’t like a hot cup of joe we don’t know them. And the coffee machine is an unsightly but necessary appliance in most Canadian homes. Dedicate space for the coffee setup with new kitchen cabinets. Shelves can have indentations to store mugs and jars; a spill-resistant floor; and even a custom cabinet door, such as a chalkboard finish. In fact, the ‘coffee station’ concept can be adapted for any beverage.

Warming drawer

Warming drawers do what the name says – they keep food warm, like a professional kitchen! Warming drawers are a simple answer to a common household problem…how do you keep food warm? The appliance is compact and requires no more space than a typical drawer.

Cabinets for the smart home

Getting new cabinets in 2020 means making sure they are ready for your smart home devices. There is really no need to splatter gravy on your new smart assistant display! Cabinets can incorporate cut-outs and mounting surfaces for Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Apple Siri speakers and displays (with hidden electrical ports. They can even be equipped with integrated wireless charging pads to charge devices while you cook.

Maintaining your kitchen cabinets

Smart lighting

Kitchen cabinets also come with recesses and fittings for hidden lighting fixtures. Under-cabinet lighting is a cool kitchen idea that homeowners love. Some even opt for smart lighting, such as the kind that is controlled by motion sensors or is hooked up to ‘smart home’ assistants to control by voice.

Speak to CozyHome DIY about changing your kitchen cabinets in Toronto. We take pride in helping homeowners’ dreams of a ‘wow’ kitchen come true – affordably. Get in touch to find even more exciting kitchen cabinet storage ideas.

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