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10 stunning kitchens from the world of Instagram

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Looking for stunning ideas for your new kitchen cabinetry or kitchen renovation on Instagram? There are so many eye-catching designs to look at that you can quickly become overloaded with ideas. In this blog we are going to do two things:

  • Find stunning kitchen renovation ideas from Instagram for your Toronto home
  • Help you realize your dream kitchen (or kitchen cabinetry) easily and affordably

10 stunning kitchen ideas from Instagram

Look at these incredible Toronto kitchen renovation ideas. What we liked in a lot of these is the neatness in design and the (mostly) earthy colors the designers have used.

If you want a kitchen like this in Toronto or cabinetry that looks like the one in the pictures, give us a call. We make getting the kitchen of your dream really easy (scroll below for process),

*Important. The images below do not belong to Cozy Home. Rights and credit reserved with the authors. The pictures have been included only for editorial purposes and inspiration.

Design ideas and inspiration

There are a number of cues that can be taken from these stunning designs. Note how the designers have used:

  • Earthy natural tones
  • Minimalism
  • Traditional set ups
  • Strong statement colors

Most of the designs follow a fairly traditional concept of modular cabinets and work spaces rather than exposed shelves. It shows a fine balance between form and function.

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How we make getting your dream kitchen easy

New kitchens in Toronto and new kitchen cabinetry in Toronto from Cozy Home simply cannot be beat for convenience. It’s why we are ‘Best of houzz 2020’ winners  for service. We make sure you get exactly the kitchen style you want, take the effort out of renovation and make the most awesome kitchen re-dos possible.

Step 1: Design

Bring a rough measurement of your kitchen at your first visit, including ceiling height, windows size and wall to wall measurements. Browse through our kitchen and vanity selections. Nothing beats feeling the high quality finish under your fingertips and seeing it under natural light.

Our designers will create a rough 3D illustration of your kitchen and provide a quote. All rough designs and alternations are made free of charge.

Step 2: Measure

Our technician will schedule an appointment to take exact measurements of your kitchen. The technician will also make relative recommendations if there are significant differences between the rough and exact measurements. A redesign will be made based on the measurements taken. Our designer will contact you for an appointment to finalize the kitchen and book the installation date.

Step 3: Installation

Our installers will deliver all the parts on the day of installation. Installations take 1 to 2 days to complete, depending on the size of the kitchen. Since the kitchen countertop must be individually fitted to the kitchen, our technicians will book an appointment to take measurements for the countertop after the kitchen is installed. This usually takes 1 to 2 weeks to complete.

Step 4: You are done!

Your stunning new kitchen is complete. We will provide a maintenance guide so you can protect your kitchen from damage.


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Best of houzz 2020