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How Do I Choose the Best Vanity for the Bathroom?

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With limited space and size to play with, choosing a new bathroom vanity needs careful consideration and planning. The right vanity can completely transform the ambience of a bathroom. 

If you are planning to get a new vanity to enliven your bathroom, don’t just follow trends and hearsay.  Here are a few things that you must keep in mind when choosing a new vanity for your bathroom

Choosing the Best Vanity for Your Bathroom


The most important factor when choosing a vanity for your bathroom is its size and proportions. This goes for both the bathroom as well as the cabinet. Small powder rooms, guest bathrooms, and large master rooms require vanities that are proportional to their size. While standard vanity cabinet measurements might suit your requirements, you can also consider some smaller or larger models to maximize space or storage. Be sure to consider the depth of the cabinet as well. If the standard vanity depth seems too much of an inconvenience, you can opt for narrower models.  


 Storage is one of key reasons homeowners choose to get a new vanity for the bathroom. Be sure to consider how much storage space you need as it will also determine the size, shape; even the size and location of the sink. If you are looking for maximum storage, then consider a freestanding cabinet, although your bathroom floor area should be large enough.   


 It is important to consider where and how the vanity will be installed. Keep it away from the bathroom door to avoid damage to the door. Vanities should be like butlers – there but not so as you would notice. Test out your layout in your mind (or with our configurator) to avoid accidentally blocking off the shower door! 

Sinks & Plumbing

Some vanity cabinets require sinks of a specific size, shape, design and dimension. Cabinets may also be pre-fitted with sinks and you should keep this in mind before investing in a vanity cabinet. Depending on the number of family members using it, you can consider getting a double sink. Be sure to inspect the existing plumbing too. Wall-mounted vanities might require altering the plumbing hookups depending on the location. Freestanding vanities are easier to set up and require little change to any existing plumbing system.


 It is also important to determine the appropriate clearance from the ceiling and the walls. Consider also how it will impact lighting. Poorly positioned ones can block ceiling lights; others can cast sharp shadows. Neither of these are desirable traits. Ditto for the bathroom window.

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