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Things to remember before renovating your kitchen

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Do you ever feel that you have grown out of your kitchen cabinets due to your family’s changing needs? The idea of renovating your kitchen is almost suddenly followed by the daunting thought of replacing your favourite kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen Remodeling Plans and Ideas

Before you head on to analyze the entire plan for the kitchen renovation, here are a few things you can start looking at right now.

  • Functionality – What kind of space comes to your mind when you think about the perfect kitchen? Some people like to have an office nook in their kitchen, while others want a coffee table to hang out with family and friends. When you understand the usability of your kitchen, you can figure out aspects like how to divide space between kitchen cabinets and working counters. Your lifestyle determines the functionalities of your kitchen. The time people spend in their kitchens is to be considered while thinking about the functionality of the kitchen. This can be a step towards the idea of renovating.
  • Budget – Upgrading your kitchen also means upgrading the value of your house. Think of this as an investment, more so if you plan to sell in the future. At the same time, you must plan within your set budget. You must never cut on a few things, like kitchen cabinets. It is wiser to spend on good quality cabinets that go a long way. You can rather avoid spending on something like the latest electronic appliance when you have a less expensive option available. More spending should go towards things that are used more often. Think of how often you reach out to your snacks cabinet more than the oven.
  • Professional Help – Renovating is exciting, and thousands of ideas will go through your mind. It isn’t easy to acquire information on everything to create a smooth roadmap for renovation. One sure-shot way to avoid kitchen cabinets hanging out of the wall edges and weirdly placed outlets is to get professional help. Hire an interior designer who can help you with not only creating a plan but also help you figure out how to go about it. You will end up spending more on replacing cabinets than paying a professional.
  • Timeframe – The kitchen is an essential room in a family home as that is where you cook and eat your food along with other activities like working, helping kids with homework or relaxing with your favourite book. You will not be able to access your kitchen during the renovation period, and you will have to find a temporary place to store those cereal boxes and other items when the old kitchen cabinets are ripped off. On top of that, you will have to take time out of your schedule to supervise the renovating work. Remember to align your timeframe with the other important events of your life. For example, you don’t want missing floorboards at your child’s birthday party.
  • Space – Kitchens have many objects, various appliances and storage cabinets, raising the demand to be smart about space. It would be best if you optimized the wasted nooks and unnoticed corners. They can be used to fit something like a break-up kitchen cabinet. Remember to plan clearance spaces around your kitchen cabinets, appliances and sink. Wide walkways will prevent your kitchen from appearing packed very tight while reducing extra steps will increase the functionality of your kitchen. We all know it makes sense to have your spice cabinet near the cooktop for efficiency. Kitchen cabinets must be placed at an accessible height while filling the head space to avoid dust and clutter. Filled-up head space also gives an impression of a bigger room.
  • Sustainability – You don’t want to fix things within months of the renovation. For that, you have to make sustainable choices like using safer material that has a longer life and is eco-friendly. The doors and windows should be placed in a way to give ample fresh air ventilation in your kitchen throughout the seasons, and the same applies to natural light during the day. Ensure that plumbing is done efficiently and use the correct type of pipes for your kitchen. A pipeline placed wrong can destroy the wall and your antique kitchen cabinets made from the finest wood. Finally, there is no denying that playing with colours is fun. Enjoy the process of selecting colours for different areas in your kitchen, and choose a colour that you love. 

Hopefully, these ideas will ensure a good remodelling process for your kitchen. However, you will still face unaccounted challenges and must be prepared for them too. You might have to change your schedules or reconsider a purchase. Cozy Home has a unique five-step process to deliver your dream kitchen. We have a wide range of kitchen cabinet designs to choose from that will fill your hearts. Contact us today.