Top 10 kitchen drawer ideas from Pinterest

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kitchen drawer ideas

The kitchen is about the most difficult place in the house to keep organized. From wandering pans to missing condiments, it always feels like the little kitchen accoutrements are always on the move. It’s because most kitchen storage spaces are designed unintelligently. Kitchen drawers are literally square shelves into which you are trying to fit round bottles.

To make your kitchen smarter, we have scoured Pinterest to find some incredible kitchen drawer ideas. If you want any of these kitchen cabinets for your house, call us for a free quote.

10 innovative, interesting and quirky kitchen drawer ideas from Pinterest

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Raise your kitchen’s Storage Quotient

Slide out prep station

A drawer that hides an easy to clean chopping board and a slot to drop organic waste from – we love it! It’s such a neat way to save counter space and mess. The unit is the size of a standard drawer, which makes it easy to incorporate too.

Pan and tray drawer

A deep drawer that organizes all the baking trays, skillets and cooking pans vertically and has their handles pointing out is incredibly handy. Custom wooden dividers keep pans from banging into each other. Best to use the bottom most drawer for this one, given it’ll need to be a little taller.

Knife organizer

Knife organizers are great if you are short on counter space or want to keep sharp objects out of sight of children. The organizer can fit all types of knives, including bread and meat knives, and keeps them from bumping into each other. Properly aligned knives last longer too.

Cup pod organizer

Coffee pods have a bad habit of disappearing when you want them most, especially the good ones you were saving for an indulgent day. With a pod drawer or a “K-drawer”, keep all your pods neatly organized. It’s basically a slide-out on top of an existing drawer and doesn’t take up any extra room.

Produce bin

Unrefrigerated produce like potatoes and onions have a way of winding up in an incredible mess no matter how hard you try. A segmented produce bin makes life so much easier, with produce sorting itself into perfectly sized cubby spaces. A mesh bottom makes it easy to clean peels too.


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