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How To Choose A Style For Your Bathroom Vanity

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Selecting a vanity is a crucial decision for the bathroom remodeling process, whether you are restoring an existing bathroom or building a new bathroom from the ground up. A vanity, like a tub or a shower, is one of the most expensive purchases you’ll make. Here are some pointers to help you pick the best bathroom vanity for your space, style, and demands.

How To Measure Your Bathroom Vanity?

When purchasing a bathroom vanity, size is the most crucial consideration for your bathroom remodeling. The optimal size of vanity for your bathroom will be determined by your floor design and total space. The measurements of width, depth, and height must be considered while making your decision, and are determined first and foremost by the size of your bathroom. If you have a small bathroom and have space for a single vanity, you can rule out all double vanities that are wider.

Allow enough space for depth so that projecting corners do not obstruct foot traffic or movement through the bathroom. When choosing the height of the vanity, consider existing elements such as mirrors, lighting, medicine cabinets, faucet height, and the height requirements of the home’s residents.

Picking A Vanity Style For Your Bathroom Remodelling

You can narrow down the kind of vanity to meet your home’s décor and personal taste once you’ve chosen the size range you can accommodate into your bathroom space. Cozy Home is here with some of the most popular styles.

Free-Standing Bathroom Vanities

The free-standing vanities, like a cupboard, stand-alone from the wall. It offers many benefits like storage and the ability to conceal the plumbing. It is always a very robust piece of cabinetry made of materials that can resist years of wear and tear, and it always has the sink incorporated into the surface. It could be a low-cost alternative or a high-end designer installation.

Pedestal Sink Vanities

It is the “anti-vanity” alternative, with only the sink on a pedestal, and is frequently chosen by those with limited bathroom floor space or who want to stick to a specific design or style. It’s a practical and stylish option, but if you need a lot of counter space or storage, it’s not for you. 

Vessel Sink Vanities

It is one of the most recent developments, which marries a free-standing vessel sink with a vanity surface, such as a copper bowl or a brilliantly glazed basin. Keep in mind that while it has a unique aesthetic and a lot of storage possibilities, it can be expensive and take up a lot of space. Commercial vessel sink vanities, such as those found in restaurants and hotels, are becoming increasingly popular for bathroom remodeling. The range of vessel bowls available in various materials such as tempered glass or even real stone means that no two sinks are alike.

Wall Mount (Floating) Vanities

The pedestal sink is affixed to the wall, while the wall mount sink is one of the most iconic and classic options. Many people are unaware that their bathroom has a wall-mounted sink since the space surrounding it has been taken over by a vanity! It’s a popular alternative for those on a budget or with limited space, but it does necessitate wall reinforcements and piping that’s either exposed or hidden behind special covers put on the underside of the sink.

Corner Vanities

These kinds of vanities are designed to satisfy certain requirements in a bathroom. For half-bath or washroom settings, the corner vanity is a common choice. A bathroom with only enough space for the toilet and sink, for example, can use a corner vanity to maximize available space. It will usually demand the use of a sink, which can even be mounted on the wall to conserve even more floor space. To be sure, they are specialist vanities and sinks, but they can help transform even the tiniest space into a useful and aesthetically pleasing bathroom.

Final Things To Consider For Your Bathroom Vanity

Cozy Home provides Antique White, Espresso, and storage types are also alternatives to explore. After you’ve decided on cabinets, you’ll want to think about top material, sink style, and faucet type. Vanity cabinets can be purchased separately from the countertop or pre-installed with a vanity top. Space and budget are the only constraints.

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