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Utilizing Kitchen Corner Cabinets: Design and Storage Solutions

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Kitchen Corner Cabinets

When you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, and we bet you do (as an average Canadian spends over 200 hours per year), then you know the secret to effective kitchen design is efficiency.

One thing that traumatizes most homeowners is what to do with kitchen corner cabinets (especially those L- or U-shaped kitchen plans). However, there are solutions that can help you get the most out of your kitchen corner cabinets. Here are the top 7 corner cabinet solutions you should know about:

  1. Lazy Susan

    The most popular corner cabinet solution, yet very classic, is a Lazy Susan. It has simple shelves spinning in a circle, allowing access from all sides. It takes two forms:

  • A model that sits inside the cabinet and spins around a fixed center with a corner fold on a bifold hinge. This version has a cheese-wheel shape and a notch that fits the door when closed.
  • The second model pairs a Lazy Susan with an angled corner cabinet, allowing an entire circle to fit inside. The most popular example of this model uses a circle. However, you can use an octagon shape to maximize usable space and still align with the door.
  1. Spinout Shelves

    Spinout shelves (or pullout shelves) have a similar concept to Lazy Susan with a slight variation. Instead of just spinning with the cabinet, they rotate outside of the cabinet. This allows access to more of the cabinets at once. That said, they can still use the cheese-wheel shape on an expensive central rotating mechanism.

  1. Advanced Pullouts

    Advanced pullout cabinets use multiple rectangular shelves connected by a complex set of hinges and tracks. When you open the door, the first shelf pulls out, pulling the other shelves behind it. This design allows for ease of reach and maximum shelf space. For that reason, they can cost more than other kitchen corner cabinets. But it is worth it because you’ll utilize every space in your cabinet.

  1. Corner Drawers

    Corner drawers offer storage space at 45-degree angles when you pull them out. Their front, however, lines up at a 40-degree angle for a clean look. Their mechanism works well for storing smaller items that fit into odd angles, such as cooking utensils and seasoning jars.

  1. Corner Pantries

    Instead of having spinning-out shelves or many small drawers, a full-height pantry cabinet would be a better idea. Although having them would reduce your counter space, they offer plenty of room to store dry goods.

  1. Upper Shelves

    Another best blind corner kitchen cabinets Toronto idea is upper shelves. You can try them if you don’t have a large space or need full corner shelves. Although they are somehow shallow, they offer a more visually accessible and customizable storage solution.

  1. Open Shelving

    Open shelving, also known as “floating shelves,” is a unique design that can help you make the most of space in your kitchen without taking any of the counter space. It’s also simple to integrate with upper cabinets or drawers that you already have. Plus, they are so versatile that you can use them in kitchens of all shapes and sizes, including those with corner pantries.

Bottom Line

Corner cabinets in a kitchen often pose a unique challenge due to their space utilization and accessibility. Making efficient use of these corners can significantly enhance the functionality and storage capacity of a kitchen. However, deciding on the right corner storage cabinets requires thoughtful consideration and often benefits from professional guidance.

When designing or remodeling a kitchen, corner cabinets need special attention because poorly planned corner storage can lead to wasted space and difficulties in accessing items stored there. Consulting with a professional kitchen designer or cabinet specialist becomes crucial when considering Toronto kitchen renovation. They possess the expertise to suggest various solutions and innovative ideas to optimize corner storage.

Professional designers can provide insights into different types of corner cabinets, such as blind corner cabinets, lazy Susans, pull-out shelves, or swing-out units. They can assess your kitchen layout and recommend the most suitable options based on your needs, available space, and budget. At Cozy Home, we can provide a customized plan for your kitchen to address your corner storage issue. Connect with us for a personalized kitchen renovation quote in Toronto.